Items are things you can buy in the Babylonian Treasury by visiting Gilgamesh and clicking the link in the first post. The Babylonian Treasury contains all sorts of items which restore HP, increase damage, decrease the chances of missing, increase the amount of damage deflected and many other abilities. Some items are also dropped by defeated enemies, such as Colonel Sander's broken glasses, or found in a scavenger hunt, such as the Simon Plushie.

All items equipped must be placed in the signature of that member's post.

Types of ItemEdit

    • [WEAPON, 2-HANDED]

Shop ItemsEdit

  • A Few Fragments
  • Crimson Gauntlets [Accessory]
  • Elixir [Consumable]
  • Magical Lamp [Summon]
  • Nurse's Cap [Headgear]
  • Potion [Consumable]
  • Sērā-fuku [Weapon]
  • Sange & Yasha [Weapon, 2-handed]
  • Zangetsu [Weapon]

Dropped ItemsEdit

  • Colonel Sander's Broken Glasses [Headgear]
  • A Few Fragments

Memorial and One-Time ItemsEdit

  • CD
  • Pledge Allegiance to Neptune
  • Pledge Allegiance to Noire
  • Pledge Allegiance to Verte
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