565px-Hazama (Story Mode Artwork, Pre Battle)

Hazama, also known as Terumi Yuuki, is another RP being done by Ragna the Bloodedge.


Hazama is the head of the NOL intelligence department. He is an extremely mysterious man. Very little is known about him, and he almost always has his eyes closed. Hazama rarely ever stops smiling either, making him similar to Gin Ichimaru from Bleach, in a way.

Hazama just loves to troll people, which means he loves annoying people for his own personal entertainment. Nothing brings him more joy than tormenting people who get irritated easily (Ragna the Bloodedge, Gilgamesh, etc.).

Hazama is actually just a shell created for the soul of Terumi Yuuki, one of the six heroes. Hazama is the main antagonist of Blazblue, because he is the one trying to keep the time loop going. He is also the one who possessed Jin Kisaragi as a child, cut off Ragna's arm, and abducted Saya. (Ragna and Jin's sister).

While Hazama SAYS he's not skilled at combat, this is a flat out lie to cover his true identity. Hazama weilds a pair of Butterfly knives and has a Drive called Ouroborous; a long range chain he uses for attacking or movement. Hazama uses said Drive to bite, restrain, and damage his opponents, as well as grapple into the universe itself and swing around.

Recently in the Fragments of Existance RP, Hazama has entered and is convincing everyone he is a good guy, trying to seek out Ragna the Bloodedge for future reference. Very little is known about him, still. And the fact that he almost always has his eyes closed is peculiar, to say the least. But he seems to be treating everyone nicely, and has insisted on going with everyone to Rinnebox to fight The King. How much help will he be? That has yet to be foretold.


As mentioned earlier, Hazama torment people. He has a very carefree personality, and rarely gets irritated himself. This carefree and suspiciously cheerful personality usually succeeds to annoy people around him. Based on the way Hazama looks, Hazama has been mistaken for Michael Jackson, and some characters make fun of him for this. Hazama doesn't seem to mind this.

Quotes Jayoku Houtenjin

I'm Hazama from Intelligence. Nice to meet you.

This is dumb, can we stop?

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